Assignment Pad Process

Child's Responsibility

  • Write all homework assignments in assignment pad and have subject area teachers initial the pad under the appropriate date and subject
  • Bring home ALL necessary materials, i.e., books, dittos, notebooks, workbooks, EVERY day
  • File his/her homework in a notebook section so that he/she will be able to easily find it for class the following day
  • Provide a section of his/her notebook for tests and quizzes so you will be able to see and review the important papers

Parent/guardian's Responsibility

  • Remind your child that he/she is to have the assignment pad initialed DAILY by ALL teachers
  • Remind your child to take home all necessary books, dittos, notebooks, workbooks EVERY day
  • Ask to see your child's assignment pad DAILY, and sign it so teachers know you are aware of what needs to be done
  • Make sure that your child does the homework, and check it to make sure that it is complete
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