Mission and Purpose

Nicholas A. Ferri Middle School serves students in grades 6-8 in the town of Johnston, Rhode Island.  The mission of Ferri Middle School is to forever educate respectful and responsible individuals by imparting the belief that performance requires integrity, dedication, and effort. The school’s mission supports Johnston’s vision to develop responsible global citizens who work collaboratively to address 21st century challenges.  The teachers and support staff foster a love of learning while supporting their students socially and emotionally.  
Ferri Middle School supports educating the whole child through authentic learning opportunities.  The school provides a range of course offerings for all of its students, including core content classes, languages, fine arts, visual arts, and computer science.  Students have the chance to explore all of these standards-aligned courses while at Ferri. A number of academic and behavioral interventions and supports are available as well. Staff take advantage of 1-1 devices in order to provide students with a blended and personalized education that encourages student voice and choice.  The school offers a number of clubs and sports to promote students’ extracurricular interests. Interscholastic, intramural, and unified sports are offered throughout the year.
Ferri Middle School is committed to ongoing improvement as a learning community.  Each year the school seeks growth for the benefit of students. Staff work with the community to participate in professional development around key areas such as restorative practices, growth mindset, 21st century learning, and ALICE.  To demonstrate their commitment to the school’s mission, many staff participate in learning conferences, district-level and building-level committees, and additional college coursework for endorsements and certifications in the field of education.
Moving forward Ferri Middle School’s goal is to grow our curriculum and support programs to better prepare our students for the future.