Test Taking Tips

Before the test...

  • Get a good night's sleep the night before the test.

  • Don't gorge yourself with a ten-course breakfast the morning of the test. Blood rushes from your head to your stomach, and you need to think with the first (your head) and not the second (your stomach).

  • Bring a sharp mind and be prepared to put forth your best effort.

  • Read and listen to the directions carefully.

    1. "Let me repeat that."
    2. "Make sure you write this down."
    3. "Did everyone hear that?"
  • Pace yourself. Don't spend too much time on any one question. Place a mark beside the questions that puzzle you and then go back to them if you have time.
    • MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS: (Pick the correct answer out of 3-5 choices.)
      • REMEMBER: Try to think of the answer before you look at the choices. First, cross out the choices you're sure are wrong.
    • TRUE OR FALSE QUESTIONS: (Decide whether or not the statement given is correct.)
      • REMEMBER: Look for key words like "never," "always," "usually," and "sometimes." If any part of the statement is false, the answer is false.
    • FILL IN THE BLANK QUESTIONS: (Fill in the missing word(s) in the sentence.)
      • REMEMBER: Read the sentence and decide if the missing word is a noun (person, place, or thing); verb (an action word); adjective (describes a noun); etc. This may be a clue to the correct answer.
    • MATCHING QUESTIONS: (Match the definition or question to the correct word or answer.)
      • REMEMBER: Read both columns before you start. Cross out each choice when you use it. This helps narrow your choices as you go.
    • ESSAY QUESTIONS: (Write one or more paragraphs to show you understand a topic.)
      • REMEMBER: Make an outline of the key points (using the skilled learned in class) that you want to include. Do this before you begin writing. Look for words like "explain," "describe," and "compare" to tell you how you should word your answer.

And finally . . .

  • Don't push the panic button! Anxiety is not going to help you perform your very best! If you get nervous taking the test...
    • Take slow, deep breaths. Do this before you begin and any time you feel yourself getting tense.
    • Think positively. Say to yourself, "I can do it!"
    • Stay focused. Don't look around the room to see what others are doing.
    • Don't panic if others finish before you. It's giving good answers that count.
    • REMEMBER... The More organized you are, the less stressed you will be.
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