All students at Nicholas A. Ferri Middle School are issued an official school assignment pad/agenda book at the beginning of each school year. This book serves three purposes:

  1. It insures that the student's homework is officially recorded and organized.
  2. It serves as a DAILY communication between school and home. This is a DAILY PROGRESS REPORT. Please note that Ferri Middle School no longer utilizes weekly progress reports.
  3. This is the student's personal hall pass. All student activity within the building is recorded in this hall pass in the rear of the book. This allows parents to monitor how often their child is out of the classroom and where they're going.


  • Student agendas are school property. It is an official advisor/advisee textbook, weekly homework calendar and hall pass for each individual student. Every student needs to carry the agenda throughout the day to every class.
  • Agendas are not to be bent, folded or mutilated. Replacement of the Agenda/Text is mandatory at current replacement cost.
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